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simple ways to tread lightly

About Me

Hi everyone, I’m Sarah.  I hope you love reading these blogs and, more importantly, find something useful or inspiring in them.

I’m a long time greenie living with hubby and Chino on a lifestyle block on the Hibiscus Coast in Auckland, New Zealand. We’ve got a big garden, chickens, firstly sheep and now calves.

We built here in 2013 and since then I’ve tried various business ventures. Growing mushrooms to sell and more recently making DIY kits.

While these didn’t work out for me I still love sharing the passion behind them – growing healthy food to cook with and using toxic free beauty and cleaning products, most of which are easy to make ourselves.

I’m currently (2022) working for Hibiscus Coast Zero Waste on local waste minimization projects, which is also why you’ll see more and more waste related posts popping up.

I’m happy to share my recipes and tips as I hope it will inspire you to make small (or big!) changes to your daily life. We can easily feel overwhelmed and think we can’t make a difference in this crazy world but we can. Instead of trying to make all the changes you aspire to just start slowly:

  • start growing your own food
  • change out a cleaning product to an eco-friendly one. I’ve got seven easy DIY cleaning recipes here if you want to try making your own.
  • reduce waste at home by focusing on just one area to change. The Plastic Free July website has some great ideas about ways to reduce plastic waste and I’ve also started including ways I try and do this. Have a look at my blogs under Waste.
  • volunteer at a cause you care about

We can all make a difference – it starts with Just One Thing.